I grew up in various places, but mostly in Provo, Utah. I am an Eagle Scout and I served a full-time LDS mission in Washington State. I am generally interested in economics, philosophy, writing, sociology, history, and politics. Mormon History, collectivist and individualist ideologies, and comparative history are particular points of interest.

I am recently graduated from UVU in Orem, Utah, where I wrote a capstone project on the history of the United Order in Brigham City, Utah. I maintain three blogs a bit inconsistently, work as a freelance editor and in a local woodshop, and talk about politics too much. I spend my free time running ridiculously long distances, playing Tetris or Pac-Man, tinkering with ancient valve electronics, playing guitar, or best of all, hanging out with my wife and kids.


4 responses to “About

  1. Mykle
    I know you have heard this before, but more valve discussion.

  2. Someday– I promise. I’ll be looking at this new micro-valve technology and formulating something.

  3. Pete

    What are you going to do your capstone on?

  4. I haven’t decided quite yet. It will be looking at the intersection between Libertarian and Socialist ideals, systems and schools of thought. I’m thinking of expanding a paper I did on the United Order in Utah and it’s economic nature– that was the first full paper I posted here on the blog.

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