Recently I did a presentation on the history of Valve Amplification

It was for a Historiography class, which seems unrelated when put that simply, but the class emphasized that we would all end up doing historiography, teaching, presentations, etc, as we went into our professions. So, since I intend to teach I did a Powerpoint. It was awesome. One of the most interesting things I learned as I did it was that it was really easy to cite things. Things that I was just familiar with– that I know from a long time learning about the subject, but don’t know exactly where I learned.

Like the fact that RCA flooded the market with radios in the 1920s and 30s, selling them below cost, because they knew that people would have to come back and buy replacement tubes. I don’t remember where I heard that, or where I might have read it, but since it was a presentation, I didn’t bother looking for a source.


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