Ballot Initiatives for the Utah General Election

Before I move on to my planned discussions on health care problems, I’m putting in a plug for a couple of petitions I’m working for. These are ballot initiatives, so if the petition goes through, we would still have to vote on the them to put them into law.

So, basically there is no campaign finance law in Utah– once you donate money to a campaigning politician, they don’t have to use it for their campaign. They can pocket it, give it to whatever politician’s campaign they want, finance their own companies with it, give it to special interest groups, etc.

Also, there are no laws against paid lobbyists serving on the Utah legislature or gifts from lobbyists to legislators. Hmm, seems like an accident waiting to happen, at best.

Petition 1 would create ethical codes in these regards (and a few other things) and establish an independent group that would be able to judge these kinds of issues, and enforce campaign finance law. There would be strict requirements for those serving on the aforementioned group. More about that here:

Petition 2 creates an independent board for redistricting Utah every 10 years (10 years ago, they tried to prevent the election of blue dog Democrat Jim Matheson, our current congressional representative for eastern Utah and the Salt Lake Area.)

The control of election district boundaries is in the hands of the legislators currently– seems like a conflict of interest to me…

Again, there would be strict requirements for those serving on the aforementioned group. More here:

Send me a comment, or email or facebook message if you want to get involved or sign the petition.


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