Real quick… George Washington’s farewell address, Coca Cola, and 17th amendment ‘soft repeal’

I read George Washington’s farewell address the other day. I’ll be doing further study on it, and I’ll post some comments with it at some point. Suffice it to say, that George Washington warned us that political parties would be the death of us all. I’ll expand on this in a later post.

In recent news, Coca-Cola is being sued for selling sugar water and labeling it a ‘health drink’. I wondered how long this would take. 😀 I’m stoked to see where it goes.

Finally, to continue about the 17th amendment– there is a proposed ‘soft repeal’ in Utah. It would involve having the State Legislators giving our Senators an approval rating. This would be an attempt to introduce more accountability for our Senators. I think this would just encourage corruption, by introducing a pressure on Senators due to earmarks and monetary benefits of various sorts. On the other hand– ‘mob rule’ isn’t a very effective democracy, and that’s also a concern. It is not, however the concern that is under examination.


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